how to select best fund under mutual fund ?

Welcome back guys to our new blog which is about mutual fund to know more about, what is mutual fund you can check out my previous blog. But today we will discuss about how to select best fund under mutual fund. Under mutual fund there are many kind of funds are available such like large cap, Mid cap, small cap, blue chip & Index fund. Today i will breif you about this funds when we are talking about large cap funds it means your money is going to get invested under big shares which is more than one thousand plus in share market. When we are talking about Mid cap it means your money is going to get invested under 500 to 1000 Rs share. Small cap means less than 500 Rs share. Index fund mean your money is going to get invested under such index like Nifty, sensex and many more. 
Now how you can select the best fund for your self for that you have to finalize that how much you are able to contribute your money every month. Always remember that if you are not having any amount after the first installment of your SIP then they will charge you Rs 250 as penalty. So always try to maintain your balance for SIP date. To select best fund under mutual fund i suggest you a website that is where you can able to see the past performance of the fund and the returns given by them. Therefore you are able to get some data relevant to the fund. I will always suggest you always go for Large cap fund and blue chip fund where the growths are opportunities were maximum. Currently the experts are hopping that within 10 years investors are able to maximum 30% return from this kind of funds. I hope you people are definitely going to like this blog you can share your opinion on the comment box. If you want to contact me then you can call on this number 9575136146. We will back with a new topic soon. 

Written By- Tanmay Acharya 
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