Always try to behave properly with cabin crew staff of Airlines

Welcome back guys to Developeonline today i am back with a interesting topic which is related to Airlines sector many times i saw that after the boarding process once get done by the passenger then after many passengers feel like that they have purchased the entire aircraft. Then they start miss behaving with the crew members of the Airlines. First of all they have to understand the crew members are basically for the safety purpose of the passengers. Safety is their primary party and then after the secondary part which comes that is services which they give you on regular basis. Always kept in your mind that at the time of the emergency they people are only their who are going to help you out safely from the aircraft.  
Many people feel like that emergency conditions will never going to get happened with them at the time of the travel. But no once know that when the emergency conditions are going to get happened. When the emergency condition you face while travelling then after you give opinion to the Airlines that always keep 5 crew members instead of 4. As per my experience always try to behave well with every one in your life therefore you will always have some hope to get help by them. Allover we all are human begins and make an attitude like that to give respect and take respect. Hope you people are definitely going to like this blog very soon i will be back with a new one and i hope you people really able to understand this topic what i exactly want to say. Stay blessed and keep growing. 

Written By- Tanmay Acharya 


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