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How to fight with corona virus?

Welcome back guys after along time i am back with a very serious topic, through which we all are get affected under the entire globe. Yes i am taking about corona virus, now many of us dont know about what is corona virus and from where it comes. So, we are having the answer with us that corona virus is basically a converted virus. Which came from animal to human body, according to the experts the people who consumes more non veg foods therefore the possibilities to get affected from this virus is much higher side. This kind of opinions are given by the experts at the time of the beginning when it was first introduced at China (Vuhan) city.    At the beginning of the virus at China no one take it seriously across the world. People think that this virus only present at China and it get affected to those people of China, who lives in Vuhan City . But we the common people only think and predict the things. No one thinks like that people will come from china and go across the world and ge…

how to select best fund under mutual fund ?

Welcome back guys to our new blog which is about mutual fund to know more about, what is mutual fund you can check out my previous blog. But today we will discuss about how to select best fund under mutual fund. Under mutual fund there are many kind of funds are available such like large cap, Mid cap, small cap, blue chip & Index fund. Today i will breif you about this funds when we are talking about large cap funds it means your money is going to get invested under big shares which is more than one thousand plus in share market. When we are talking about Mid cap it means your money is going to get invested under 500 to 1000 Rs share. Small cap means less than 500 Rs share. Index fund mean your money is going to get invested under such index like Nifty, sensex and many more.  Now how you can select the best fund for your self for that you have to finalize that how much you are able to contribute your money every month. Always remember that if you are not having any amount after the…

who i am ?

Welcome back guys to Developeonline after so many posts and outstanding feedback received by all of you today i have decided to let you know all of you who i am and basically what i do apart from blogging. First of all i will give you my introduction my Name is Tanmay Acharya i belongs to Bhilai (Chhattisgarh) India and currently i am working in Bombay stock Exchange ( Raipur ) as Senior IPF Executive. In my life i have saw many up and downs and from starting of career i would like to become a cricketer but unfortunately due to some circumstances i am not be able to execute myself as cricketer. Due to lots of frustration and not due to proper guidance i think like that money plays a important role in my life and due to that i failed many times.  But i am totally wrong at that time the only reason about my failure is not to take proper decisions at right time. Life gives you many opportunities to grab your success its all upto you that how you are going to grab it. When i comes to my co…

Always try to behave properly with cabin crew staff of Airlines

Welcome back guys to Developeonline today i am back with a interesting topic which is related to Airlines sector many times i saw that after the boarding process once get done by the passenger then after many passengers feel like that they have purchased the entire aircraft. Then they start miss behaving with the crew members of the Airlines. First of all they have to understand the crew members are basically for the safety purpose of the passengers. Safety is their primary party and then after the secondary part which comes that is services which they give you on regular basis. Always kept in your mind that at the time of the emergency they people are only their who are going to help you out safely from the aircraft.   Many people feel like that emergency conditions will never going to get happened with them at the time of the travel. But no once know that when the emergency conditions are going to get happened. When the emergency condition you face while travelling then after you giv…