How to save your google adsense account ?

Welcome back guys after a long wait i am back again with a interesting topic, its really a very long wait that i am not writing any blog for my viewers and the reason behind is that my adsense account is blocked and i am not able to take it in my favor. Therefore after a long research i am back with this topic and also withdraw conclusions about this particular topic. Before you are going to start any thing in your life you must have to do research and development on it first. Also try to know about the pros and cons about that business. Whenever you are going to start you have to identify the risk behind it. Now we will come back to the topic that how to save your google adsense account from the unknown sources. You must have to understand that why google is paying to you with this policy. They are advertising there sites with the help of your website or blog. The reason behind is that you are having good traffic under your website and good followers including that. It means people are having interest to look after your site. 

 But many times when you build more competitors under this market therefore they try to build fake traffic under your website and try to block your adsense account with the help of invalid clicks. Many more things you have to take care of that you have to save your self from self clicking on your site. If you think that some one is trying to create invalid clicks under your website then you can report to google regarding this. Before they are going to take any strict action against you. Try to build a quality website which looks more secure and gives you daily report regarding the traffic which is coming under your website day by day. If you are having lack of knowledge under this field than you can take support of the professionals. Who are having knowledge under this. Before you are going to associate with this program therefore you must have to go through all the terms and conditions, which are present under it. I hope you people like this blog, please suggest me some topics for my upcoming blogs under the comment box. If you are having any kind of query regarding this topic then please comment below. 

Written By- Tanmay Acharya 



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