What is business Services ?

Welcome guys today we will discuss about a topic which is very useful for the peoples who are doing there own business or the students, who are pursuing their management studies. I will let you know about what is business services. We all know that in every business we are having certain product or services which we have to sell to our clients or customers. When we are seeing from the point of view by the purchaser he always want more from the end of seller that is known as business services. Many business personalities are providing very good services to there customers after sales. Even in the market there are more business houses who are not interested to give any kind of service after sales. Its totally dependent under seller what kind of relation he want to maintain with there clients, whether they are not interested to give any kind of service after sales. Many of us dont know about what is business services, before you are going to think about this topic you must have to work for your product and have to work under the terms and conditions for the consumers. Allover business services is a part of sales. 

Before you are going to sale any product to any customer then you must have to make it clear to your client or customer, who is going to buy your product. If he is having any kind of query about the topic then you must have to make it clear at that time. Many times company sales executives explain all the terms and conditions to the client in oral form, which is totally incorrect. You must have to give all the terms and condition's in written form. Therefore at the end of the days the customer is not going to blame you for any point. If you want to stay for along time therefore you must have to work hard under the polices of your business services. Because you people have to maintain a long time relationship with the client. Through which client will have good eyes for you and he will also give you business references , which help you to acquire more clients therefore more clients means more revenue. 

In India many business houses always give priority for revenue generation. Business services is secondary part for them. Therefore many business houses are not be able to continue there business for a long time. Right now the students who have completed there engineering from great institutes like IIT they only know how the design the product. They think from the point of manufacturer not from the point of buyer. There are many ways through which you can resolve your business service part. You can hire a consultant for that who can help you out for this matter. I hope you people are definitely going to like this blog, very soon i will be back with a fresh topic which will definitely help you to develop yourself for coming days. 

Written By- Tanmay Acharya 


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