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how to start a hardware shop?

Hello guys after a long time i am back with a new topic that how you can start your hardware shop related to different industries. Before you are going to start your hardware shop, you must have to do survey at that particular location that, which kind of industries are present there in your location. According to that you have to create a list of products related to the industry present there. Always remember that before you are going to buy the products for your shop , you must have to choose a good supplier who can arrange the products any time to you. Because Industries work on 24x7 basis which cant reflect there work at any cost.  

You can also take dealership of those companies who are giving you continues supply of the products such like electrical products. Before the dealership you can also do the contract with the related company about it. Under your hardware shop stacking of the materials is also very important, because customer cannot stand for along time for a single produ…