How to make career in stores?

Hello ladies and gentlemen today I am back with a fresh topic basically this is for those students who want to make carrer in stores. Basically there are two types of stores one is retail and another one is industrial. Under the retail store the daily needs products and fmcg products comes under it. Such like bigbazzar and reliance fresh. The another sector is industrial store such like pipeline, water treatment plant , roads, power plant and store warehouse. You can create your career as per your interest area.

Under the retail store you always have to keep one thing under your mind that is sales target which you have to achieve for your branch. Under this you have to convince your client to buy more products from your store by your sales skills . For that you are going to get paid by attractive incentives. Which will definitely going to boost you skills more for hard work.

When we talk about the industrial store it totally depends on the inventory management that how you are going to keep the records and provide the materials to engineers time to time as per the requirements given by them. You also have to look after the purchase order of the total project. That whether the supply is coming as per the po order or not. There is one thing which is in focus that you don't have to do any kind of sales under the industrial store. I hope you people will definitely going to like this blog. I will be back with fresh content very soon all the best.

Written by - Tanmay Acharya 
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