How to invest in shares?

Hello ladies & gentleman i am back again with a fresh topic that how to invest in shares? Before you are going to purchase shares of any company you have to understand that what is shares and its terms. In a simple language shares means you are going to give contribution to any company by finance. It means when you are going to buy any share of company therefore it means company is getting funding from your end and with the help of that money company will buy any kind of asset or do promotion or they can utilize your money in there own way.

Why you invest your money on any company- 

When you see that any company is doing currently well and having good future prospect in coming years then you take interest to invest your money in that company. Also you have to see many factors before you are going to invest your money in any company. Like you have to see the profit & loss account of that company. Therefore you have to see the past records of the company that which kind of returns they have given till now. You also have to see in which sector the company is working & what is the vision of that company. Who are the board of directors and what kind of profile they are having. What are the views are there by media and current investors of the company. I will refer you a site for your research part otherwise you can take this website as a reference. 

What is Demat Account ? 

To buy shares of any company you have to open a demat account which is mandatory. There are many brokers present in the market they will charge you for account opening and many more brokers are there who dont charge any amount for account opening. But as per my previous experience you must have to open your demat account at that place. Where you can get better service and recommendation on shares through which you can groom your knowledge and  wealth.  I hope you people definitely gain some knowledge from this blog for your startup. Very soon i will be back with a new topic. 

Written By- Tanmay Acharya 
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