How to fight with corona virus?

Welcome back guys after along time i am back with a very serious topic, through which we all are get affected under the entire globe. Yes i am taking about corona virus, now many of us dont know about what is corona virus and from where it comes. So, we are having the answer with us that corona virus is basically a converted virus. Which came from animal to human body, according to the experts the people who consumes more non veg foods therefore the possibilities to get affected from this virus is much higher side. This kind of opinions are given by the experts at the time of the beginning when it was first introduced at China (Vuhan) city.    At the beginning of the virus at China no one take it seriously across the world. People think that this virus only present at China and it get affected to those people of China, who lives in Vuhan City . But we the common people only think and predict the things. No one thinks like that people will come from china and go across the world and ge…

how to invest in Mutual funds?

Welcome back guys today once again we are back with a interesting topic. How to invest in mutual funds? before you are going to invest your money in mutual fund you have to understand that what is mutual fund. Mutual fund is that a company who is going to manage your investment portfolio in behalf of you. They are going to invest your money in capital market which is also known as equity market. When you are going to buy mutual fund from any company therefore they are going to give you some points. This points are also know as Net Asset Value you can start your mutual fund by investing from minimum Rs 500/- per month. You can also buy it from your demat account which is also known as trading account. 
There are many categories which are present under mutual funds like midcap, large cap , small cap. You can select any one of this with the help of your portfolio manager. Who will recommend you the best plan for your bright future. As we know that inflation is growing very fast way. If you want to beat it then mutual fund is one of the best option which will given you outstanding benefits for your future growth. You always have to understand that always take mutual fund in form of SIP ( systematic investment plan ) it means dont invest your money at one time. Invest it by month to month therefore you can able to do averaging. So, this is the complete knowledge what i am having for you all i hope you people definitely going to like this blog. 

Written By- Tanmay Acharya
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  1. Once a outstanding blog from your side I hope it will definitely going to help out the investers who r thinking about mutual funds

  2. That is an interesting and very valuable topic. The dilemma of every investor is that how to invest in mutual funds. Making this decision is quite a complicated thing and if you are a newbie, getting expert advice is highly needed. In fact I too got help from a certified financial planner india when I was building my investment portfolio.


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