Here’s All You Need To Know About Indian Naval Commander, Abhilash Tomy’s Rescue Operation

Welcome back guys today i am back with a latest news which is definitely try to inspire your life and grow your attitude like never give up. Today we will talk about Indian Naval Commander Mr. Abhilash Tomy`s. Who is currently on news and inspire all of us by his activities get done on deep seas. Few days ago many of us dont know about his name, but right now the whole country is talking about him. He is a part of Golden Globe Race 2018. Under this race he have to go through the entire globe without any latest equipment's.    
He faced a very big trouble during this race when was in south Indian ocean. Along with Mr. Abhilash 10 more participants take a part in this race from different countries. This race is started from south of France. He face the trouble when the dangerous storm get under the south ocean. He face more than 20 fts waves. Which completely destroyed his yart. But all over he face all of this safely to safe his life. Right now he is having few enguiries on body and he was get rescued by the navy finally and back to India right now. He was not the winner of this race but he gave us a thought that dont give up in your life. Whatever the situation will be try to face it definitely one day you will get success. I hope you will definitely going to like this blog .   

Written By- Tanmay Acharya 
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