13 Countries Where The Rupee Value Is Strong Enough For You To Travel Like Royalty

Welcome back guys i am back again with a interesting topic which you are definitely going to like it. Many of us always plan to go abroad & explore many countries but we think that if we are going to overseas then we have to spend more which is going to effect our monthly budget . That's why many of us always cancel this kind of trips. 
But many few peoples are there who know that there are many countries are present where our currency value is more than them. Where you can live like a king and spend your money without any kind of hesitation. There are many countries where our currency is very high but today is will talk about only 13 countries under this blog.   
The countries list is given below- 

1.> Laos 




5.> Nepal

6.> Sri Lanka

7.> Hungary

8.> Mongolia

9.> Chile


11.> Cambodia

12.> Vietnam

13.> Costa Rica

In my opinion you can stay on hostels instead of hotels because it will cost less compare to hotel. You can make friends here through which you can able to know more about the place that what you have left to explore. There is one more option which is available that is AIR BNB right now this is one of the most popular service which is present right away. Under this people are offering as a guest at there home. You can cook your own food by your own self therefore you can save money at this point. Local transports are also very cheap in this countries. While traveling only three things which you have to take care of food, Accommodation & transport. If you are going to beat all this three during your trip then definitely the royalty comes to you. I hope you are definitely going to like this blog and very soon you are going to make your trip. Very soon i will back with a fresh topic, if you like this blog then please post your valuable comments on the comment box given below. 

Written By- Tanmay Acharya 
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