what is google adwords ?

Welcome back ladies & gentlemen today we are back again with a very needful topic which you would like to know that how it will help to run your business and your website. Basically google adwords is a service provided by google that you can bid on keywords to rank it on search engine of google on each keyword for each keyword you have pay certain amount. The amount is not always fixed it depends on the visitors on which keyword the number of visitors are more and in demand then you have to spend a amount for that. It is a concept of CPC ( COST PER CLICK ) first of all you have to create an account on google adwords then you have to insert your website link on that . Google adwords will provide you a dashboard from where you can handle all the things that which keyword is on demand, from where you can get maximum traffic under your website.  

 Google adwords help you to get genuine client for your business. When you are going to bid on that particular keyword which is related to your business then people who are looking for the same product which is related to your business will get linked to you. The clients will get to your contact with the help of live chat given under your website or they will contact you with help of the mail id given under your website . The Google adwords is a part of SEO ( Search engine optimization ) if you are have knowledge of seo then it will become easy for you to know about google adwords. Google is also offering free Google Adwords course free of cost. I hope you people definitely going to like this blog. Please write your valuable comment for our blog we will back soon with a fresh topic. 

Written By- Tanmay Acharya 
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