How to create online bank account free of cost

Hey guys welcome back to our new blog which is on a very interesting topic and definitely for your benefit too. How to create online bank account  without any deposit or fee. If you people are having all the verified documents with you then it is easy to open an account at bank without any threat. Only with the help of two documents it is easy to open a bank account online. For that only two things you must have with you first adhar card right now it become an identity for each an every Indian without this you are nothing under this country for hotel booking , for flight , for deposits every time this thing is required. Second thing that you can receive easily by the Income tax department that is known as pan card. Which help the department to trace your transactions. 
With the help of this two documents you can easily get your online account after filling all the required documents given by you. They are even offering many more amazing thing such like virtual passbooks, debit card , 6% interest rate on kotak mahindra bank. Just click on the link given below to open your online bank account instantly. 


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