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How to fight with corona virus?

Welcome back guys after along time i am back with a very serious topic, through which we all are get affected under the entire globe. Yes i am taking about corona virus, now many of us dont know about what is corona virus and from where it comes. So, we are having the answer with us that corona virus is basically a converted virus. Which came from animal to human body, according to the experts the people who consumes more non veg foods therefore the possibilities to get affected from this virus is much higher side. This kind of opinions are given by the experts at the time of the beginning when it was first introduced at China (Vuhan) city.    At the beginning of the virus at China no one take it seriously across the world. People think that this virus only present at China and it get affected to those people of China, who lives in Vuhan City . But we the common people only think and predict the things. No one thinks like that people will come from china and go across the world and ge…

What is business Services ?

Welcome guys today we will discuss about a topic which is very useful for the peoples who are doing there own business or the students, who are pursuing their management studies. I will let you know about what is business services. We all know that in every business we are having certain product or services which we have to sell to our clients or customers. When we are seeing from the point of view by the purchaser he always want more from the end of seller that is known as business services. Many business personalities are providing very good services to there customers after sales. Even in the market there are more business houses who are not interested to give any kind of service after sales. Its totally dependent under seller what kind of relation he want to maintain with there clients, whether they are not interested to give any kind of service after sales. Many of us dont know about what is business services, before you are going to think about this topic you must have to work f…

how to promote your website on ?

Hello guys how are you , first of all i would like to wish you happy Christmas to all community and on this good occasion one more thing we have achieved that we have now crossed more than 20k views under our website. This is only happened due to our fan following and hard work. Today we will discuss on a very good topic that how to promote your website on . First of all we will talk about what is, basically it is a question & answering website. Where you can boost your knowledge and able to know more about the topic which you are having in your mind. If you are having any kind of question in your mind then you can post it on quora. People will give you the answers for your questions and definitely you can get conclusions on topics.  Now we will discuss how to promote website on quora ? When some one post any query related to the subject with your website. Then you can answer that question and after the answer you can post the link of your website. Therefore whe…

What is

Welcome guys today i am back with a very interesting topic about which many peoples would like to know that is blogging and Both are interrelated to each other, now first of all i will tell you about blogging, what we understand by blogging. If you are having a complete idea about any topic then you can show it with the help of your contents that how people can get involve with it. It means you want to share your opinions & experience with people if they are interested with the same topic. If you like to start blogging then you can create an account under . Know i will let you know what is . is basically a platform through which you can start your blog writing under it. First of all you have to create an account under it. You can create your account with the help of your mail id. Which is quite very easy and remember one thing your id must sounds good through which people can earn more interest to click under you blog. i…

how to start a hardware shop?

Hello guys after a long time i am back with a new topic that how you can start your hardware shop related to different industries. Before you are going to start your hardware shop, you must have to do survey at that particular location that, which kind of industries are present there in your location. According to that you have to create a list of products related to the industry present there. Always remember that before you are going to buy the products for your shop , you must have to choose a good supplier who can arrange the products any time to you. Because Industries work on 24x7 basis which cant reflect there work at any cost.  

You can also take dealership of those companies who are giving you continues supply of the products such like electrical products. Before the dealership you can also do the contract with the related company about it. Under your hardware shop stacking of the materials is also very important, because customer cannot stand for along time for a single produ…

Here’s All You Need To Know About Indian Naval Commander, Abhilash Tomy’s Rescue Operation

Welcome back guys today i am back with a latest news which is definitely try to inspire your life and grow your attitude like never give up. Today we will talk about Indian Naval Commander Mr. Abhilash Tomy`s. Who is currently on news and inspire all of us by his activities get done on deep seas. Few days ago many of us dont know about his name, but right now the whole country is talking about him. He is a part of Golden Globe Race 2018. Under this race he have to go through the entire globe without any latest equipment's.     He faced a very big trouble during this race when was in south Indian ocean. Along with Mr. Abhilash 10 more participants take a part in this race from different countries. This race is started from south of France. He face the trouble when the dangerous storm get under the south ocean. He face more than 20 fts waves. Which completely destroyed his yart. But all over he face all of this safely to safe his life. Right now he is having few enguiries on body and…

What Makes Kurseong’s Beautiful But Mysterious Dow Hill One Of The Most Haunted Places In India?

Welcome back guys today i am back with a totally different topic which you peoples are definitely going to like it. As we know that many of us believes in ghosts but many of us dont understand that why this peoples believe on ghost. I am going to give you a very simple answer about it. That there is some thing is definitely there which is append with them in there life at past which is against the nature and  we cant believe. Till the things are not explained to us in well manner. 

In this world there are many beautiful places are present where we people definitely like to go to spend our holidays or good time. But some time we people don't know that there is something hidden under the mother nature, which we are unable to see. Today we will talk about a place kurseong`s a small hill station near to darjeeling about 30 kms away. West bengal is known for green forest, hill stations, landscapes & black magic as well. 

Kurseong`s is also famous for the same things but there are man…

How to invest in shares?

Hello ladies & gentleman i am back again with a fresh topic that how to invest in shares? Before you are going to purchase shares of any company you have to understand that what is shares and its terms. In a simple language shares means you are going to give contribution to any company by finance. It means when you are going to buy any share of company therefore it means company is getting funding from your end and with the help of that money company will buy any kind of asset or do promotion or they can utilize your money in there own way.

Why you invest your money on any company- 
When you see that any company is doing currently well and having good future prospect in coming years then you take interest to invest your money in that company. Also you have to see many factors before you are going to invest your money in any company. Like you have to see the profit & loss account of that company. Therefore you have to see the past records of the company that which kind of returns…

How to make career in stores?

Hello ladies and gentlemen today I am back with a fresh topic basically this is for those students who want to make carrer in stores. Basically there are two types of stores one is retail and another one is industrial. Under the retail store the daily needs products and fmcg products comes under it. Such like bigbazzar and reliance fresh. The another sector is industrial store such like pipeline, water treatment plant , roads, power plant and store warehouse. You can create your career as per your interest area.

Under the retail store you always have to keep one thing under your mind that is sales target which you have to achieve for your branch. Under this you have to convince your client to buy more products from your store by your sales skills . For that you are going to get paid by attractive incentives. Which will definitely going to boost you skills more for hard work.

When we talk about the industrial store it totally depends on the inventory management that how you are going to …

13 Countries Where The Rupee Value Is Strong Enough For You To Travel Like Royalty

Welcome back guys i am back again with a interesting topic which you are definitely going to like it. Many of us always plan to go abroad & explore many countries but we think that if we are going to overseas then we have to spend more which is going to effect our monthly budget . That's why many of us always cancel this kind of trips.  But many few peoples are there who know that there are many countries are present where our currency value is more than them. Where you can live like a king and spend your money without any kind of hesitation. There are many countries where our currency is very high but today is will talk about only 13 countries under this blog.    The countries list is given below-  1.> Laos 
5.> Nepal
6.> Sri Lanka
7.> Hungary
8.> Mongolia
9.> Chile
11.> Cambodia
12.> Vietnam
13.> Costa Rica
In my opinion you can stay on hostels instead of hotels because it will cost less co…

India’s Largest PUBG Mobile Championship With ₹50 Lakh Prize Pool Is Every Gamer’s Dream Come True

Hello guys to day i am back with a breaking news which is definitely for the mobile game lovers and right now PUBG is one them which is trending right away. From kids to elders many of them are liking this game. Even we also came to know that peoples are also getting there life partners from this game. Which is never happens earlier but yes it is truth and we have have to accept it.
   When fans are increased under this game therefore they have make available the option of multi players where you can talk with another players as well during the game. When you able to talk with your game partners during the game therefore it makes quite interesting about it. In India definitely this game is having loyal fans which make it more popular day by day.     Now this game has declared a mobile championship worth Rs 50 lakh under which more than 1000 colleges students from 30 Indian cities will form 20 teams and battle for THE PUG MOBILE CHAMPIONSHIP. You can register yourself as a team under thi…

how to invest in Mutual funds?

Welcome back guys today once again we are back with a interesting topic. How to invest in mutual funds? before you are going to invest your money in mutual fund you have to understand that what is mutual fund. Mutual fund is that a company who is going to manage your investment portfolio in behalf of you. They are going to invest your money in capital market which is also known as equity market. When you are going to buy mutual fund from any company therefore they are going to give you some points. This points are also know as Net Asset Value you can start your mutual fund by investing from minimum Rs 500/- per month. You can also buy it from your demat account which is also known as trading account.  There are many categories which are present under mutual funds like midcap, large cap , small cap. You can select any one of this with the help of your portfolio manager. Who will recommend you the best plan for your bright future. As we know that inflation is growing very fast way. If yo…

HP launches advanced metals 3D printing technology

Hello ladies & gentlemen today i am back with a fresh blog its about a latest technology which is designed by HP as we know that HP is one of the leading company under IT sector and recently they have launched a advanced metal 3D printer which is quite very impressive. It is designed for the coming year 2019 for industries who are looking for basically 3D printing services by metal palates.  Commercial HP Metal Jet solutions will be offered at under $399,000 and begin shipping in 2020 to early customers and with broad availability in 2021(HP ). 

The technical giant HP on Monday they have launched the most advanced 3D METAL PRINTING machine called HP METAL JET. Which is 50 times more productive and delivering the prints in low cost which is very beneficial for auto, industrial & medical sectors. 
HP has helped lead the transformation by pioneering the 3D mass production of plastic parts and we are now doubling down with HP Metal Jet, a breakthrough metals 3D printing technology,” …

How to get job through online job portals?

Welcome back guys today i am back again with a new topic it was related to all the job seekers who are looking for a job change or for a new job. We all now that there are many job portals are there which are available in the market. But many of us dont know that how to use the job portals and get the job according to your suitable profile. When you update your cv under the job portal then many job consultancy firms grab your cv and comes to your contact because there main motive is that to get some registration amount for your job and against that they will offer you very attractive packages in good MNCS. Many of us make the payment to this kind of consultancy firms and go through such a horrible experience. As per my experience if some one is asking you for money against a job therefore the conversion and success ratio is very low. Always remember that you will always get the job by your own caliber. If you will get the job by any reference then it was always critical to get survive…

what is google adwords ?

Welcome back ladies & gentlemen today we are back again with a very needful topic which you would like to know that how it will help to run your business and your website. Basically google adwords is a service provided by google that you can bid on keywords to rank it on search engine of google on each keyword for each keyword you have pay certain amount. The amount is not always fixed it depends on the visitors on which keyword the number of visitors are more and in demand then you have to spend a amount for that. It is a concept of CPC ( COST PER CLICK ) first of all you have to create an account on google adwords then you have to insert your website link on that . Google adwords will provide you a dashboard from where you can handle all the things that which keyword is on demand, from where you can get maximum traffic under your website.  

 Google adwords help you to get genuine client for your business. When you are going to bid on that particular keyword which is related to yo…

How to start email marketing business ?

Hello guys we are back with a new topic today which you will definitely like and required. That is how to start email marketing business and how it works. Basically email marketing is a way to promote your company and to generate more consumers and clients for your business. The main thing which come under this business is that at one time how many mails you can send at low cost . Basically  people check there mails on there inbox first if the dont get any kind of mail under their inbox section then only few peoples are there who check their spam box or junk mail box. But as per email marketing business clients are always looking for the mails which you can successfully get deliver it on their  mail inbox at one time. For that you must have to buy at-least 10 server and also have to maintain the content of the mails for fast delivery of the mails. 
  Basically you have to buy a software for that or develop it. Where you can get back end and operate it according to you. With the help of…

Introduction of our CEO

Ladies & Gentleman today we will talk about our CEO and our team & our future plans that what exactly we are offering for all of you. Basically after gaining sales experiences & research on our variety of products therefore we withdraw many conclusions for offline market as well for online market. Therefore we final decided that there are many options available under online market for marketing and production as well. Whenever you will face any kind of problem regarding online market & about the execution of work. We give complete solution about this topic free of cost. You can contact us through mails or the chat box given under the website. Developeonline is having various kind of IT Solutions which will definitely help you out to get clients for your business.  TANMAY ACHARYA CEO/FOUNDER- WWW.DEVELOPEONLINE.COM
My views- Hello guys i hope you all are doing well as per my last business experiences i will share my opinions and we will talk about all the pros & cons …

how to start an online retail business with no money

Hello developers & innovators today i will talk and a business which you can establish without any kind of investment and you can reach near to many customers who are looking for  a great deal. There are two types of market present in the market one is offline and another one is online. There are many limitations present under the offline market you can do business under a selected area. You can do advertisement within a specific reason. But when we talk about online market here you can get a very wide scope and investment is like nothing when you talk about this market. People will book there product online, make their payment online and get their product on their door step by cash on delivery option as well. Online business also gives you the option to make the promotion of your online store through online marketing where you will get the genuine client for your store. Google adwords is one of the best CPC network to get genuine client. 

You can also do seo ( Search engine optimi…

How to start your online retail store ?

Image is back with a new interesting topic for new entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own online retail store. I will make you people understand that how to start online retail store. We will give you pin to plane solution that how to execute it and from where you have to start this business. First of all you have make sure yourself that whether you are having all the products of different categories with you or not. If you are having it with you then it will be grateful, If you are not having then you have to contact to the drop-shippers. Who will make you available the products for your customers. Now after resolving this thing first thing you have to do is you have to buy a domain for your website remember the domain name should be short and unique which must sounds good, People will search you online through different sources by there browsers. After that we are coming to the third point how to create your online retail shopping website, for website you are …

Why business is always better then job ?

Developeonline is now back with a very interesting topic, we hope you people are definitely going to like this. So today topic is based on why your own business is always better then a job? . We all knows that under this planet each and every person have to work hard for bread and butter. But the major thing is that we people dont able to think that which kind of bread and butter we would like to eat. If you want to just survive is this planet the a job is always better then business. If you want to make your life big size then you have to work hard, have to take risk and also having the ability to execute it. Its all upto the nature of the person how he is going to manage his life and want to make it. But the major question is that both the options are there under which you have to work. But under the business you will become your own boss and the risk and uncertainty will always with you. You have to manage the peoples by your own. 

If we will talk about job then here the uncertainty…

How to prepare quality content for your blog ?

Hi ladies and gentlemen i hope you all are doing well today i am back with a very interesting topic that how to prepare quality content for blog?. I will help you out for that how to start your blog and try to develop your blogging skills and quality content as well. As we all know that every blogger wants to write supremely useful and insightful content. First of all you have to understand that what are the genuine things and illegal things comes under the search engines and in blogging business. If you are going to do copy paste from any another website then it is illegal and the search engine will reject it. Always try to write down on current affairs topics or for the public basically the more they are looking for. Avoid to make grammatical mistake under your content it will make bad impression in front of any one. You must have to write the content in this manner that it must be eye catchy. People must have to take interest to make a click on your blog. You may need to find pics …

What is affiliate marketing ?

Hello guys i am back with a very interesting new blog and a very awaited topic about affiliate marketing. Many peoples are having different kind of opinions and comments under this topic. But today i will make you every thing clear about this topic that what is affiliate marketing and how it works. When affiliate word comes under your mind then you must have to understand that you or your business is authorize by any organisation or company from there you are taking any kind of membership or links on profit basis on turnover or by the terms and conditions given by them. If you want to earn money through ads on your website then you must have to take affiliation through those sites who are going to give you the affiliate links of different categories or selected topic which you are going to promote by your website.  In these days many companies are providing affiliate marketing services through which you can promote your website and earn money for your self. But always remember that aft…

How to use coupon codes on shopping websites

Hey guys I am back with a new blog how to utilize coupon codes under shopping websites or under some other travel/ some other different related to the subject. The first thing which comes under your mind is that from where we will get the cupon codes to get some cash back or discount under each transaction. Now you have to open a search engine like Google or Yahoo and there you can search online cupon website or cash back website such like coupon dunia and many more results you can get their. After that you have to select the category for which basically you are looking for the coupon. Right now you can see many links are get opened along with the terms and conditions which are mentioned under it. Read the terms and conditions copy the coupon code and impliment it on the coupon code section which is mentioned at the last check out page. There after u can see the discounted figure which basically you are looking for. I hope you peoples definitely like this blog please subscribe to our…

How to make your preparation before any kind of business startup

Hi my self Tanmay Acharya I will guide you about the points you must have to know before you are going to make any kind of business startup. So first of all keep a blank paper and pen with u therefore you can not it down under it. Now the main thing which you must have to now about your goals and vision that what exactly you are thinking and want to achieve. Many peoples are having many opinions in their mind that they will do many things in their life and make lots of money. Apart of thinking money you must have to select one goal in your life that what u exactly want to achieve and how your are going to execute it. Currently what you are having in your life , what is your current situation . What are the pros and cons are there under the business . How much capital is required, if you are not having any capital with you which is not sufficient for your startup then . Who is going to finance u.                All over you have to create a flow chart first under which all the things a…

How to create online bank account free of cost

Hey guys welcome back to our new blog which is on a very interesting topic and definitely for your benefit too. How to create online bank account  without any deposit or fee. If you people are having all the verified documents with you then it is easy to open an account at bank without any threat. Only with the help of two documents it is easy to open a bank account online. For that only two things you must have with you first adhar card right now it become an identity for each an every Indian without this you are nothing under this country for hotel booking , for flight , for deposits every time this thing is required. Second thing that you can receive easily by the Income tax department that is known as pan card. Which help the department to trace your transactions. With the help of this two documents you can easily get your online account after filling all the required documents given by you. They are even offering many more amazing thing such like virtual passbooks, debit card , 6%…