Solis 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Module / Solar Panel

As we all know that how electricity is very important to us without this it is totally impossible to live in this planet. We all are totally addicted with our cell phones , tabs , computer systems , televisions and many more things are there which are required in our day to day life. Now the main thing is power which is needed 24*7 in our life. For that we are always dependent under a third party therefore once they will do power cut then it will collapse the total work which we are doing currently. The major thing which come under is that we have to make the payment every month as per the consumption which is get done by us.   Know i am coming to the main point what we can do through which we will get the power every time without any disturbance and we dont have to pay any kind of amount for that as well. 
 We have to install solar panels for that when light reflects to the panels it will get charged automatically and the installation process of this kind of panels are very easy for that you are needed a normal electioneer. Who is having knowledge about this subject. I will give you information about a solar panel which is very cheap by price and very effective. By the help of this you can at-least fullfill your basic needs. 


Solis 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Module / Solar Panel

  • Superior Polycrystalline Solar Modules, 100 Watt,
  • 18 Voltage and 5.1 Amp Current
  • IEC and MNRE Approved ; Readily Available
  • Excellent Energy Generation in Weak Lights ;
  • Stable Performance due to IP67 Waterproof Junction Box ; 0-+5% Power


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