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How to fight with corona virus?

Welcome back guys after along time i am back with a very serious topic, through which we all are get affected under the entire globe. Yes i am taking about corona virus, now many of us dont know about what is corona virus and from where it comes. So, we are having the answer with us that corona virus is basically a converted virus. Which came from animal to human body, according to the experts the people who consumes more non veg foods therefore the possibilities to get affected from this virus is much higher side. This kind of opinions are given by the experts at the time of the beginning when it was first introduced at China (Vuhan) city.    At the beginning of the virus at China no one take it seriously across the world. People think that this virus only present at China and it get affected to those people of China, who lives in Vuhan City . But we the common people only think and predict the things. No one thinks like that people will come from china and go across the world and ge…


In this days many small, medium entrepreneurs are looking to start there own ecommerce website and want to target more and more targeted audiences for their business. So, the ecommerce businesses have a massive customer with whom they need to maintain a constant interaction to improve the customer service and business outcomes. Sms plays a very important role for customer management and loyalty building.  
If you are working under this industry therefore you have to know that you are having many products with you of different categories. Therefore you have to get introduce to your customer about your product day by day. Consumers are not having the time with them to access your website every day. But they will definitely go through their smart phones when they get any kind of notifications  like any kind of sms or social media activities. Adopting a texting platform to reach your customers shows that your are paying attention to their habits, making your marketing outreach all the more…

How to start bulk sms business?

If you are looking to start bulk sms business now. Therefore you have to know few things before you will start this business. The first thing which you have to know that is TRAI ( Telecome authority of India ) under this board all operators have to follow all the rules and regulations regarding sms. Under SMS industry there are two types of category come under this one is Information exchange and another one is promotional exchange. Under Information exchange many things comes under this like any kind of banking transactions through which you get notifications in your mobile or any kind of one time password. If government is going to declare any kind of news event related to nation that will also comes under Information exchange. Another one is promotional exchange this kind of sms will get done to reach near to more and more targeted customers or clients. This is one of the cheapest way for promotions of any kind of events or voting purpose.  One more structure you have to understand …

How to grow a business online ?

Hello guys welcome to our new blog and today we are having a very interesting topic with us that how to grow a business online?. As we all know that to recognize under any kind of business that whether it is growing in well manner or not for that we have to check out the sales figure of the company and service part as well . If you are making good amount from your business but not able to give any kind of satisfactory services to your customers than that will also affect your business and you will negative reviews about that. While you are doing offline business therefore only few peoples are able to know about it with in a area of limitations. When you start an online business therefore many peoples are able to know about you and your company that what kind of business you are running and what kind of products you are selling into the market.  Who are your existing clients and what kind of reviews they are having for your company. If you are coming under online business or going to c…

Solis 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Module / Solar Panel

As we all know that how electricity is very important to us without this it is totally impossible to live in this planet. We all are totally addicted with our cell phones , tabs , computer systems , televisions and many more things are there which are required in our day to day life. Now the main thing is power which is needed 24*7 in our life. For that we are always dependent under a third party therefore once they will do power cut then it will collapse the total work which we are doing currently. The major thing which come under is that we have to make the payment every month as per the consumption which is get done by us.  Know i am coming to the main point what we can do through which we will get the power every time without any disturbance and we dont have to pay any kind of amount for that as well.  We have to install solar panels for that when light reflects to the panels it will get charged automatically and the installation process of this kind of panels are very easy for tha… Vision

Image help peoples to know for about the online platform how it works and how online world help new entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs to expand there business under this online platform. Right now in world maximum peoples are having smart phones in there hands , they are always searching out for good results and better deals with the help of the search engines such like google and yahoo. Online market helps you to find out the targeted customers for your business therefore you can save money as well as time. I will explain you with a help of an example than if you post a hording of your company near to a busy place therefore it will become difficult for you to find out the targeted client for your company as well you also know that to post a banner near to a busy place therefore it will become very expensive for you. When you are promoting your business through online platform therefore to get more clients for your business the ratio is very high as compare to offl…

Online jobs reality

Hello ladies  and gentlemen s welcome to our new blog . Today our blog is in a very interesting topic about Online Jobs Reality. Many of us are always failed while doing online job the basic reason behind is that many companies dont make payment after the work and many companies who really pay us there terms and conditions are very strict which we are not be able to full fill in well manner and we give up at that time. Under youtube we saw many kind of online jobs under which they give total description that how it will work and you will get the payment. When you look behind that comment side you actually come to know about the reviews about the people that whether that site really help you to make money or not. In this way you will get complete idea whether that site really run well or not therefore you can save your precious time as well.
    If you are really interested to make money from online jobs therefore you must have to understand such things like what is the reason behind th…

What is SEO ?

Today i will give you introduction about seo . The seo stands for ( search engine optimization ) as we all know that there are many search engines which are present in the market such like google , yahoo , bing , firefox , ask me , safari and many more . To know about any topic we just search out under this kind of search engines and they give us many results under each keywords. Basically SEO is a part of Digital marketing through which we promote our website under various search engines which i have already mentioned above. Therefore it help us out to get targeted clients for our business which will become very beneficial for our company. Seo ( search engine optimization ) help us to generate more traffic under our website as you know maximum leads = maximum conversions.  Under seo you have to perform many tasks such like image backlinking, social book marking , blog writing , social media marketing such like facebook , twitter , linkedin  and more , forum posting , ppc ( pay per cli…

Which is the best company for web development

There are many companies in the market who can create website for you in 100$ as well in 1000$ dollars . Its not about how much you are investing money to develop a website its all about how much your website will be beneficial for you in coming days. All over we create website to generate revenue for our business. Take your website as a shop, store, promotion way through which maximum people are able to be aware about your brand and the services which you are providing in the market with various features. Now i am coming to the topic which is the best company for web development? I judge a company not only by the features and rates , I judge according to the services before and after sales as well. If you are planning to open an online store then you must have to know about such things like under which platform your website is going to be get designed. Right now in market there are many companies who are providing ready made templates under such platforms like opencart , wordpress  j…

How to rank my website

Welcome back guys to our new blog how to rank my website. Many of you are already having website but till now you are not able to withdraw any kind of benefit from your current website. The main reason behind is that while coming to this online world you have to optimize your website through which maximum peoples are able to go through website and comes to know that which kind of services you are providing under it. There are many ways which are present in the market through which you can rank your website and get more organic traffic to your website. Once you will get organic traffic to your website therefore it will help you out to generate revenue for your business. Not its time to talk about how you can check about the ranking of your website. You are working hard to rank your website but not be able to know about the output where it comes then totally you are wasting your time over here. So where we have to go to check about the ranking of our website. You can go to wh…

How to start online business in India

Right now India is one of the best place to start online business. The only reason behind is that government and tele communication companies reduced the rates of calling and Internet. Therefore maximum users are coming online and searching lots of things for good results. Now people are thinking to start new initiative under online platform. This platform is very wide and there are no boundaries are present under this sector. Now search engines are also playing a vital role to give maximum results and to generate more traffic for business. There are many business ideas which will be helpful to you to start your online business such like- 

Ecommerce online store Affiliate Marketing Matrimonial Site Job portalSocial media Research portal Service ProviderTravel Portal 

And many more things now you can start online and grow your business. Under online business you can the business through out the world . The only thing which you have to take care of that is known as services.  Basically as…

Scope of eCommerce in India

As we all know that government of India is know totally focusing on Digital waves which will definitely going to play a vital role for the success of this nation. Right know government is running many kind of campaigns for Digital India and trying to digitize the entire Nation. Right know our honorable prime minister is visiting many countries and making various kind of teiups to generate employment in this field. It is a right time to kick the ball for a goal. I means its a right time to start your online store , if you are not having products with you therefore no need to worry. You can create a multi-vendor store where many vendors will get registered under your website and sell different categories of product. Customers can make the payment through online right know in this days many payment gateways are available in the market like Instamojo, paytm , paypal , razorpay and many more. Therefore client can make the payment through net banking , debit card or by credit card. You can …

How to start eCommerce business in India

As we all know that India is developing country and people are getting familiar to online world. Where they are seeing there future ,opportunities ,demand and many more. Which they can do here under this industry. While talking about eCommerce industry here we come to know that this industry is related internet and it helps to give wings to your business. Now as per our topic that how to start eCommerce business in India? I will let you know all the things that from where to start and where to end therefore it will become easy for you to give proper shape to your online eCommerce business. Now the first thing which you have to do is you have to buy a domain for your website. The domain is basically a address through which people can find you directly under the search engine. Note the domain must be attractive once the people will get eye on the domain they must have to take a look on that. Domain you can easily buy it from such service provider like godaddy. One more thing you must ha…

How to handle your boss

Hello guys welcome to my new blog and you all know today's topic is very interesting that how to handle your boss. According to me only few people like there boss and love to work with them, But majorly many peoples are having opinion about there boss is that lots of ignorance , tolerance , target pressure , pending works , fear of get terminated from the job and at the last how to handle the current situation. First of all you have to ask yourself whether you are fit with your current job or not. Can you carry on this job for life time or if you are not fit with your current job then you have to plan for it that how will sustain with your current job for few days. Then after getting the settlement you will look after any another job . As well all know that we all are having different circumstances in our life and majorly our job play a vital role in our life. In my opinion when we will plan all the things in systematic manner therefore it will become easier for us to handle the s…

How to motivate yourself

Hii friends welcome to my new blog, how to motivate yourself . I will share you my experience that how i motivate my self. The first question come over here that why we have to motivate our-self that means what we are depressed due to something which happening not well in our life or things are going against us. Right know i am working as senior sales consultant in a company where i am facing lots of problem and having lots of burden in field. Same as my office mates are also facing the same problem. When we all people discuss about the same topic and not having any conclusion at the time therefore my friends says we are feeling huge pressure lets go to smoking zone lets smoke. It means what by a single smoke you can release your pressure. If you will say yes then i will tell you that this is not a permanent solution. Ask yourself first why you are here in this position are you not having any vision or aim in your life. Are you only working for money and waiting for first day of your …

How to travel world

Guys as per the given tittle how to travel world the first thing which is going to strike into your mind that is all about money. If we will have enough money with us than this dream is definitely going to become true its now like that. If you will make proper strategy and do few home work before you are going to any unknown place than it will become easier for you. Right know in this days there are many ways through which you can able know about each and every place where you would like to travel. First thing you have to know about the currency of that country where you are going to travel, then after you have know about the visa , right now in this days many countries are there who are offering visa on arrival after that you can search for the flights through internet which will be cheaper if you booked it earlier. Main thing is all about accommodation for that many travelers always look after a hotel for that they have to pay a very big amount. If you want to save your money then i…