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How to set Goals of your life ?

Welcome back guys to developeonline i am back after a long time. From very long i am in search on a topic about what i will write and today i have found a subject, which is quiet very important for those young people who are planing to set there goal. Under which there future depends upon. Now i am coming directly to the point that how to set goals of your life. The first thing you have to think about that in which field you are better and whether you are comfortable with that work forever, or due to any force you are going with it. Always note done that due to any force you cannot compromise with you passion. Due to it you are going to regret for your entire life.  
 Whenever you are going to select your career goal always try to interact with those people who are already involved directly under it. Therefore you will get a rough idea from it about the pros and cons which are present under it. Which help you to succeed in your life. I hope you people definitely going to like this blog…

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