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who i am ?

Welcome back guys to Developeonline after so many posts and outstanding feedback received by all of you today i have decided to let you know all of you who i am and basically what i do apart from blogging. First of all i will give you my introduction my Name is Tanmay Acharya i belongs to Bhilai (Chhattisgarh) India and currently i am working in Bombay stock Exchange ( Raipur ) as Senior IPF Executive. In my life i have saw many up and downs and from starting of career i would like to become a cricketer but unfortunately due to some circumstances i am not be able to execute myself as cricketer. Due to lots of frustration and not due to proper guidance i think like that money plays a important role in my life and due to that i failed many times.  But i am totally wrong at that time the only reason about my failure is not to take proper decisions at right time. Life gives you many opportunities to grab your success its all upto you that how you are going to grab it. When i comes to my co…

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